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Sub Quest 5 – Red Mage Asterisk

Availability: Chapter 2

After visiting the ancient Lech Yulyana and returning to Florem, you’ll encounter another self-styled Casanova prancing about town when you bump into DeRosa the dandy. The final encounter with the Red Mage will require repeated trips to Florem over the course of a few nights so after your initial meeting and the passing of the Flower Festival, stay the night at the inn and then begin the nightly visits, following the blue sub quest markers that appear in town. Eventually you will find yourself in the Cellar Laboratory ready to do battle.

Swipe to scroll horizontally




Item Stolen

Item Dropped




Hermes Sandals, Ether

Mirage Vest

DeRosa is certainly one of the most annoying bosses, instilling fear and casting charm on party members. Fear prevents your party member from using the Brave and Default command and can be cured with balsam or remedy, while charm essentially enlists the party member to fight for DeRosa, turning them against their comrades and can also be cured with remedy. It’s worth kitting out everyone with Rebuff Lockets before you follow DeRosa to his lab to prevent wasting time on curing the various status ailments during the fight.

He will also gain 1 BP each time you land a wallop on him so as with Artemia, Brave when his BP is low, Default after you’ve had your turn when you’ve inevitably bumped his BP up and make sure you have remedies aplenty and you should be able to get through this battle in one piece.

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