Bravely Default job guide

Sub Quest 7 – Pirate Asterisk

Availability: Chapter 3

After you’ve checked in at the town of Hartschild and before you visit Grapp Keep, a sub quest icon will pop up at the House by the Sea. Pay the gossipmongers there a visit to learn of the ghostly galleon patrolling the high seas. To find the Ghost Ship SS Funky Francisca, head north of Grand Ship to locate the ominous looking patch of fog and board the vessel when given the option.

Swipe to scroll horizontally




Item Stolen

Item Dropped




War Axe

Bacchus’s Wine

Aside from appropriately equipping your party against the blunt force trauma brought about by Barbarossa’s mighty pirate strength, this battle is fairly straightforward. Be sure to have a White Mage or stash of potions to take care of the damage he causes and just go at him until he leaves his earthly flesh behind and joins his ghostly shipmates.

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