Bravely Default job guide

Sub Quest 13 – Conjurer Asterisk

Availability: Chapter 6

After awakening three crystals in this chapter, seek out Yulyana and pay a visit to the Yulyana Needleworks to find a note that will set you off on series of boss battles at various locations across Luxendarc.

Eventually you’ll end up back at his house for a cheerful and friendly fight to the death of the nature that always inexplicably shows up in JRPGs.

Swipe to scroll horizontally




Item Stolen

Item Dropped






Sage Yulyana will buff his stats with the various Summons at his disposal before raining down his Meteor attack which can deal a hefty 9,999 damage to a single target. If he Defaults, he can use this twice in a row so as long as you don’t have everyone using Brave at the same time and save some turns for damage control (reviving and healing party members), the battle for the last asterisk should be fairly straightforward and you’ll be in possession of it in no time!

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