Bravely Default job guide

Sub Quest 10 – Sword Master Asterisk

Availability: Chapter 3

Awaken the Fire Crystal and pop back to Starkfort to find the previously barred middle path now wide open to you. Simply follow this route to discover the noble Sword Master Nobutsuna Kamiizumi waiting for you at the top.

Swipe to scroll horizontally




Item Stolen

Item Dropped




Rebuff Locket, Kotetsu


This battle is pretty simple once you realise that the vast majority of the Sword Master’s attacks are counters. To that end, Default to the max and have your party members take turns in using three or four Braves in a row to dispense a helping of devastating damage. Don’t be tempted to have multiple party members attack simultaneously as his counters are rather powerful and you’ll need to heal them up immediately with a White Mage or potions.

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