Bravely Default job guide

Bravely Default’s job system allows for a mixing and matching of classes not usually seen in JRPGs. To build on the sheer amount of choice at your disposal, you can unlock up to 24 jobs by facing off against bosses in the main storyline and exploring the sub-quests that appear across Luxendarc to find the optional bosses and relieve them of their asterisks to unlock their classes for your party members.

We’ve packed all of the asterisk holding bosses into this guide--both for the main storyline and the sub quests--and compiled a list of the all-important stats and abilities for each job at the very end, in case you haven’t got the time to grind through and want to an overview of all of the jobs before deciding which to pursue. So dive in and start building your own custom classes!

Table of Contents:

Shabana Arif
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