Bravely Default job guide

Sub Quest 11 – Ninja Asterisk

Availability: Chapter 3

Find a home for the fussy Egil (you’d think forced labour in a mythril mine would make an orphan less picky) and you’ll spot a new sub quest icon back in Hartschild. After finding yourself trapped in the Goodman’s mansion for the worst dinner party ever, follow the prompts to face the Ninja Kikyo.

Swipe to scroll horizontally




Item Stolen

Item Dropped




Kunai, Remedy


Kikyo will utilise the Ninja’s Utsusemi ability to evade a physical attack, along with Transience to counter after a successful evade. She’s a pretty heavy hitter, but as long as everyone’s defence is high enough and you have healing White Mage abilities or a plethora of potions to hand, it shouldn’t take too long to whittle down Kikyo’s HP and get that Ninja Asterisk.

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