Blue Beetle could be involved in the new DCU after all

Blue Beetle
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Blue Beetle might be involved in the new DCU after all. The cinematic universe is currently in a state of major flux, with multiple new projects announced – and some high profile cancelations, too. 

The first trailer for Blue Beetle has teased a fun, action-packed adventure starring Xolo Maridueña as DC's young hero, Jaime Reyes. But, with Blue Beetle absent from the DCU Chapter One: Gods and Monsters slate, the future of Jaime was unclear. 

According to Deadline, though, there's a chance that the film has a future in the DCU. "Word is the character will be incorporated in the universe being developed by new DC bosses Peter Safran and James Gunn," said the publication's trailer report, though there are no further specifics just yet. 

As Deadline points out, Booster Gold is getting a HBO Max series, and he and Blue Beetle are good friends in the comics – though it should be noted that Booster Gold's friendship is with the Ted Kord version of Blue Beetle, rather than Jaime Reyes. 

The Blue Beetle movie sees Jaime come into possession of a Scarab that quickly bonds itself to him, giving him an extraordinary supersuit. He'll go up against Susan Sarandon's Victoria Kord and Raoul Max Trujillo's Carapax in the film. 

The DCU is more or less starting over with Chapter One, with Henry Cavill out as Superman, Wonder Woman 3 canceled, and the future of other characters, like Jason Momoa's Aquaman and Ezra Miller's Flash, unclear (though Momoa told Total Film recently that he "absolutely" thinks Aquaman will be part of the DCU). New projects on the horizon include Superman: Legacy, a Batman and Robin movie, and a TV show about Amanda Waller

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