Beat the imminent Disney Plus price hike and save $10 with these last-minute deals

Beat the imminent Disney Plus price hike and save $10 with these last-minute deals
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Disney Plus prices are set to increase soon, but you've still got a chance to secure a cheap deal if you move fast. To be precise, you can save at least $10 in the long run by purchasing one year of Disney Plus for $69.99 before March 26 2021. Considering how much content is coming to Disney Plus over the next few months, that's not an opportunity to ignore.

More specifically, picking up a year of Disney Plus will save you $10 compared to the new cost of $79.99 that's arriving at the end of March thanks to the Disney Plus price hike. In addition, you're getting 12 months for the price of 10 with this membership anyway. That's a discount of $14 compared to a year of the rolling month-by-month subscription.

You'll need to act sooner rather than later if you want to secure the offer, though; the increased Disney Plus cost will affect everyone using Disney Plus in the US, no matter whether you're an existing member or a new subscriber. 

Naturally, everything else is going up in price as well. Besides the new monthly cost being a dollar more at $7.99, the bundle with Disney Plus, Hulu, and ESPN Plus will also be inching upward to $13.99 per month or $19.99p/m for Hulu without ads as of March 26.

Wondering why Disney Plus is going up in cost? It's all to fund upcoming content on the channel, ranging from The Falcon and the Winter Soldier to an Obi-Wan series. We're even getting a Boba Fett show to go with new chapters of the Marvel universe like She-Hulk and Ms Marvel in the coming months (you can see the full line-up of new Marvel TV shows and new Star Wars movies and TV shows via our guides).

For more info on the streaming service, don't forget to check out our Disney Plus review. You can also take advantage of the best prices with these Disney Plus bundles and Disney Plus sign-up deals.

Disney Plus deals

Disney Plus (one year) | $69.99 one-off payment

Disney Plus (one year) | $69.99 one-off payment
Want to get maximum value for money before the Disney Plus price increase? This is the offer you need. Besides saving you $14 overall compared to a year of monthly subs, it's $10 less than the new annual price of $79.99.

Disney Plus gift card (one year) | $69.99 at Disney Plus
Want to give Disney Plus to someone else? This is the offer you want. Because it'll increase to $79.99 after March 26, get it now to avoid paying over the odds. Just remember, it can only be redeemed by new subscribers.

Considering giving Disney Plus to family or a loved one? If they haven't subscribed before, a Disney Plus gift card is probably your best bet. Looking for some other streaming service offers? Be sure to see our guides to the best HBO Max prices, Fubo TV costs, and Peacock TV costs.

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