Avengers Age Of Ultron UK Locations Guide

Sokovia At Night*

The Hendon shoot took three months, whereas a lot of the other locations in this list were visited for just one or two days (its okay, we move onto to pastures new on the next page but we found these shots of Hendon-as-Eastern-Europe fascinating so we thought wed share a few with you).

Doctor Chos Lab

Also in East London theres an old pharmaceutical company called Sonofi that had empty laboratories theyve moved out, says Lengye. Thats down in Dagengham. Theyre trying to turn it into a scientific or creative hub now. That we used for the interiors of Doctor Chos lab in Korea.

The Ship Interior*

So you see these ships on whats supposed to be on the African coast and they were actually plates shot in Chittagong down in Bangladesh, says Lengyel. They were standing in for a ship breaking yard on the African coast. For the interiors of that ship we used the old Daily Mail print works in Southwark, with an awful lot of set dressing. Lots of munitions and stuff.

Training Centre Exterior*

Then at the end of the film youve got the New Avengers training room which could be anywhere in the world. The implication is its somewhere in America, and that was actually the University of East Anglias Sainsbury Centre for the Visual Arts. So that was in Norwich.

We did the interiors for the training facility in the Excel Centre in London. The scenes where you see the Black Widow standing on her own staring at the wall and Fury comes up to her, and that big open area that looks like it's in the interior of the training centre we filmed those in London at the Excel Centre.

Royal Holloway College*

Finally, a rarity in the film. A UK location that plays itself, and one of the most beautiful buildings in Britain Royal Holloway College in Egham, which appears to be where Thors mate Erik Selvig now works.