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X-Men: First Class gets a Beast

X Men: First Class

Benjamin Walker will soon be packing his rucksack and heading off to mutant school in Matthew Vaughn’s X-men prequel.

After endless casting rumors, James McAvoy’s Professor Xavier has officially enrolled his first pupil in his School of Gifted Youngsters.

Don’t expect the Juliard trained theatre actor to be pulling on Kelsey Grammer’s old furry jumpsuit anytime soon. In true comic book style his blue body fuzz only comes as a result of a botched experiment when he is in his twenties.

In fact his nickname at school is Magilla Gorilla, because of his unusually large and powerful limbs, the result of being exposed to nuclear radiation in the womb.

Other actors rumored to be cast are Jonah Hex’s Michael Fassbender as metal bender Magneto, Amber Heard as shape shifting Mystique. Rosamund Pike as scientist Dr. MacTaggart and Aaron Johnson as a young Cyclops.

Do you think Benjamin Walker will make a first class Beast? Let us know!