Thursday Link-a-Mania

No Hellboy 4-Ever
Guillermo del Toro tells Sci Fi Wire that he'd like to do a third Hellboy movie if the second is a box office hit, but no more after that. "If there was ever a third one, I would really make sure that we at least sign a contract that there is no more," he says. "No prequels and no sequels: nothing. If that happens, then there is a third one we have planned, and the seeds are planted in this film."

Fox Remakes The Fury
Fox 2000 is risking the fury of a woman scorned by changing the sex of the lead character in a remake Brain de Palma’s 1978 supernatural thriller The Fury. In that version Amy Irving as an out-of-control telekinetic young woman, but the new version will feature a similarly-powered young man who is abducted by the government in order to take advantage of his special gifts, reports Variety .

Blonde Rose for Barbarella
Charmed Rose McGowan has dyed her hair blonde to star in fiancé Robert Rodriguez's remake of Barbarella, according to Variety .

Lost Boys II DVD Cover
Shock Till You Drop has posted the sleeve artwork for the straight-to-DVD premiere of Lost Boys II: The Tribe. Oddly, Corey Feldman doesn't seem to have aged a day...

Moonlight's Future
In an interview with Sy Fy Jason Dohring, who plays Josef, reveals what it’s like being on a show that's been chewing up and spitting out showrunners with an indecent haste. "We eventually had to write our own rules, not only rules that we have as vampires, but what style do we want," he says. The feature also confirms that current showrunner Joel Silver (the show's third in a season) is only temporary and that if the show is renewed for a second season, there'll be yet another head honcho.