Baa-bye! The first Cult of the Lamb comic looks both heartbreaking and hilarious

Art from Cult of the Lamb: The First Verse.
(Image credit: Oni Press/Devolver Digital)

As we reported earlier this year the cutesy-yet-horrifying roguelike game Cult of the Lamb is getting its own range of comics from Oni Press in association with Massive Monster and Devolver Digital. Now we've got an exclusive look at art from the first issue. 

Written by Alex Paknadel and drawn by Troy Little, Cult of the Lamb #1 delves into the back story of the titular animal - and it looks suitably heartbreaking. In the mythology of the game the Lamb was sacrificed by followers of the Old Faith, but is brought back to life by a mysterious force, the One Who Waits. In our preview of the comic we get our first look at the sweet little sacrifice shortly before their fateful execution. Check it out in the gallery below.

In our interview about the comic, Alex Paknadel described the new book as expanding the game's mythology, saying: "There were guardrails, of course, but the Devolver Digital and Massive Monster guys have given us an extraordinary amount of creative latitude as far as the book's concerned. We're following the plot of the game fairly closely, but all the crunchy character work - the actual motivations and desires of the creatures you see in the game - is down to us. The Lamb gets to speak for themselves in our book."

Here's Oni Press's synopsis for the first issue:

"In a land pervaded by cruelty and evil, the most innocent among us - young Lamb, the last of their kind - was selected to become a final dark sacrifice. Their death would forever seal the darkest of the Old Gods from our realm and usher in a new age ruled by the four eldritch Bishops of the Old Faith. So Lamb died . . . then forged a deal of their own. At the crossroads of eternity, Lamb was met by the imprisoned deity known as the One Who Waits, who revealed the lies and distortions of the false prophets who rule the world above. And so, Lamb was bequeathed the power and responsibilities of the Red Crown and returned to the land of living with unholy powers to exact vengeance and deliver a new cult unto the earth."

Cult of the Lamb #1 is published by Oni Press on June 5. 

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