Mad Max: Fury Road prequel Furiosa gets an unsurprising R rating

Anya Taylor-Joy as Furiosa in Furiosa
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The MPAA (Motion Picture Association) has given Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga an unsurprising R-rating.

Per the MPAA, the film has been rated R for "sequences of violence and grisly images" (H/T BloodyDisgusting). Mad Max: Fury Road, its predecessor, was given a R rating for similar reasons: "intense sequences of violence throughout, and for disturbing images." In fact the only installment in the Mad Max franchise to not receive an R rating is Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome – which received a PG-13 for "sequences of fantasy violence and frightening images."

Set 15 to 20 years before Mad Max: Fury Road, the film follows a young Furiosa (Alyla Browne and Anya Taylor-Joy) who is kidnapped from the Green Place of Many Mothers by a Biker Horder led by the Warlord Dementus (Chris Hemsworth). Per the official synopsis: "While two Tyrants war for dominance over the Citadel, Furiosa survives many trials as she plots a way back home through the Wasteland."

Written and directed by George Miller, the cast includes Lachy Hulme as Immortan Joe, Tom Burke as Praetorian Jack, Nathan Jones as Rictus Erectus, John Howard as The People Eater, Angus Sampson as The Organic Mechanic, Charlee Fraser as Mary Jo Bassa (Furiosa's Mother), Daniel Webber as War Boy, and Quaden Bayles.

Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga is set to premiere at the Cannes Film Festival on May 15 before hitting theaters on May 24. For more, check out our list of the most exciting upcoming movies in 2024 and beyond, or, skip right to the good stuff with our list of movie release dates.

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