Thursday Link-a-Mania

We’re Ready to Believe Them!
The new X-Files movie has a title and it’s... The X-Files: I Want to Believe . It lacks the eloquence of The X-Files 2, but we like it. It’s a neat encapsulation of Mulder’s sometimes naïve open-mindedness in the early years of the series – hopefully the film will hark back to the glory days - and besides, it was a poster on his wall for years. Our one problem? It sounds a bit like it should be a BBC1 reality series looking for the star of a West End musical. If the film doesn’t work out, Chris Carter knows what to do next...

Superhero Cribs
Who would live in a house like this? Why, it’s billionaire playboy turned metal-clad superhero Tony Stark. Yahoo Movies has just put up a guided tour of Stark’s pad (well, the film set, at least), introduced by the man who knows it best – the movie’s director, Jon Favreau. He makes one hell of an estate agent – we’ll take it!

Stargate movie gets release date
SCI FI Wire is reporting that Stargate Continuum, the second of two straight-to-DVD SG-1 movies, has been given a 29 July release date by MGM.

Scarlett Fever
And if you feel like seeing an attractive lady in a figure-hugging leather costume this morning, JoBlo has a first pic of Rachel Nichols as Shana “Scarlett” O’Hara in Stephen Sommers’ upcoming GI Joe movie.