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Thursday Link-A-Mania

The Walking Dead , Thomas The Tank Engine , The Human Centipede 2 , Game Of Thrones , Torchwood

Weta To Create CG Thomas The Tank Engine For Movie
Shane Acker, who directed the CG animated movie 9 (you remember stitchpunk, don’t you?) is to direct a live action movie based on the Railway books by Rev W Awdry, starring, of course, Thomas The Tank Engine. According to Deadline , Weta Workshop, the FX company behind The Lord Of The Rings trilogy, will be creating the CG steam engines. But will Ringo Starr be providing the voice? Please don’t let Thomas become American!

First Photo From The Walking Dead Series Two
The one on the left is yours…

Game Of Thrones US Audience Figures Continue To Grow
Last Sunday’s episode Of Game Of Thrones on HBO in the States saw the show’s biggest US audience figures yet, with 2.7 million viewers tuning into to watch. Seems like the network’s decision to greenlight a second season after just one episode had aired was a sensible one. Meanwhile, in the UK Game Of Thrones continues to pull in over 1.1 million viewers for Sky Atlantic, a frankly phenomenal figure for an imported show not on Freeview (Atlantic’s number two show has less than half that number of viewers).