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The Mandalorian season 2 will have Rosario Dawson as Ahsoka Tano, Disney has accidentally confirmed

Rosario Dawson Ahsoka Tano
(Image credit: Warner Bros/Disney)

A Disney Plus social media account has officially confirmed Rosario Dawson will play Ahsoka Tano in The Mandalorian season 2.

In a now-deleted post by Disney Plus' Indian Instagram account, fans were given an idea of what to expect in The Mandalorian season 2 thanks to an image containing some trivia. The post featured a simple question and answer: "What does Ahsoka Tano's live-action avatar look like?" 

The response reads: "Rosario Dawson is set to play the famous Clone Wars Jedi." See a screenshot of the post below.

Rosario Dawson Ahsoka Tano

(Image credit: Disney Plus Hostar Premium Instagram account)

The post has since been removed, which likely means the news about Dawson as Ahsoka wasn't meant to be confirmed yet – or, we're all wrong, and Dawson won't play Anakin Skywalker's former Padawan. As we previously reported, Rosario Dawson's casting was revealed back in March but Disney Plus, The Mandalorian team, and Dawson herself have yet to officially confirm anything. 

As GamesRadar+'s resident Ahsoka Tano stan, I'd say it's imperative that you tune into the upcoming season of The Mandalorian as the episode's debut because I'm confident that Ahsoka Tano will make an appearance in some way, shape or form. Use our handy The Mandalorian season 2 release schedule to help you plan your day around your Mando viewing. 

If you need a little context as to who Ahsoka Tano is, and the backstory to other confirmed Star Wars characters teaming up with Din Djarin this season, head to The Mandalorian season 2 Clone Wars Rebels episodes to watch

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