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Gunrunning comes to GTA Online June 13, watch the trailer and take a tour of your underground lair

Update: Rockstar has given the world a release date and trailer for the gunrunning update. You'll be able to become Los Santos' next great evil mastermind (complete with underground lair!) on June 13.

Original story: GTA Online lets you be many types of criminal. You can be a street racer, tearing your expensive not-a-Lamborghini through the streets of Los Santos, or a mega-millionaire CEO Bond villain (complete with a lavish yacht and a limousine that has a turret gun) and much more. Come June, Rockstar plans to add another illegal activity to your resume: GTA Online gunrunning.

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When the update arrives, you'll be able to discover hatches leading to underground bases where you'll conduct your illicit business. You'll be able to sell various arms for cash to some shady customers, but also outfit your own arsenal with new customization options. For instance, you can take that boring old roadster and turn it into a death machine worthy of being in a Mad Max movie.

Or acquire an amphibious APC with a damn missile launcher attached to the top.

Or just sit back, relax, and enjoy some target practice in your own evil lair.

Gunrunning: a thing you can soon do in video games.

What else has come to GTA Online recently? Tiny cars! As for that GTA 5 single-player DLC... *shrug*

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