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The Steam Monster Summer Sale has its own discount-unlocking minigame

The Steam Summer Sale was always kind of a game, played across days of anxious deliberation as you weigh fast-expiring deals against a shrinking bank account. But this year, it actually is a game, with upgrades and online multiplayer and everything.

The Monster Summer Game lets players band together to click the life out of several lanes filled with enemies. If you've ever played Cookie Clicker or Candy Box you'll be familiar with the basic set-forget-and-check-back-in mechanics. Since this one's multiplayer, you can also help out your teammates with upgrades like automatic health dispensers.

Valve didn't just make a full-fledged browser game for kicks, though. Once certain in-game milestones are met, the Monster Summer Game will unlock special discounts for all Steam users, whether they play or not. And it almost goes without saying that the game ties in with Steam Trading Cards and Badges, each one offering bonuses to the others in an inscrutable web of savings and collectibility.

As for the actual Monster Summer Sale, it will last through June 21 and offer the usual selection of discounts on dozens of games, with Daily Deals, 12-hour Flash Sales, and catalogue discounts throughout: current top sellers include The Witcher 3 for 10 percent off and the Metro Redux bundle for 80 percent off.

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