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SFX WEEKENDER True Bloods Michelle Forbes Will Be There

The latest guest star to sign up for the SF Weekender is Michelle Forbes, an actress with an impressive SF & fantasy CV, and who's currently in the spotlight again thanks to True Blood. In the smash hit vampire series she plays the mysterious Maryann, but we won't say any more in case you haven't seen season two yet.

Michelle Forbes has also starred in Star Trek: The Next Generation as Ensign Ro Laren and in Battlestar Galactica as Admiral Helena Cain. Other genre appearances include Escape From LA, guest appearances in Lost, Brimstone and Alias, and a leading role in the Best Pilot That Never Became A Series Global Frequency. Other shows you may have seen her in include 24 (Lynne Kresge in season two), Holby City and Messiah.

And we're delighted to have her at the Weekender!