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SFX Wins Award For Best Magazine

It’s official. SFX is the best science fiction magazine in Europe. Not our words (though we already knew it, of course) but the words of the European Science Fiction Society (ESFS) who awarded SFX with the title at the recent Eurocon in Kiev.

Previous winners of the prize include France’s Galaxies SF and Italy’s Robot . Other shortlisted magazines this year included Austria’s Quaber Merkur , Romania’s Helion , Germany’s Geek , Ukraine’s 45 th Meridian , Spain’s Scifiworld , France’s Fiction , Bulgaria’s FantAstika Almanac , Italy’s and Portugal’s ISF .

Other winners at the event included Terry Pratchett and Iain Banks, who were named Grand-Masters, and the late Stainless Steel Rat author Harry Harrison, who was given an honorary award.

We’re delighted with the prize, and have cleared a suitable space on the office mantelpiece. The entire team is also planning to get “Science Fiction champions” embroidered on their sleeves in Premier League-style.

So many hearty thank yous, dyakuyus, mercis, dankes, gracias and grazies to the lovely people at the European Science Fiction Society. You’ve made this particular sci-fi and fantasy magazine very happy indeed.