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SFX Scoops First Look At Vintage Tron Figure

SFX nabs the first one of these limited edition collectable figures to go on sale anywhere in the world!

Well, let's kick off Comic-Con with a real exclusive! On sale from 6pm in San Diego, Mike and the guys over at Spinmasters are partnering with Disney for a seriously cool range of Tron Legacy toys and figures, out later this year.

To celebrate their deal, Spinmasters created a limited edition Flynn figure especially for Comic-Con. With just 1500 available over four days, the exquisite vintage Arcade machine packaging contains the '80s-style character.

If you're in San Diego, they are selling the 1500 figures in batches over the next four days, but queues are huge.

It's probably jetlag, but Mike and Spinmasters crew, we love you for giving us the first look.

Will Guyatt