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Save more than $100 on a high-end Astro A50 headset for console or PC gaming

There's a lot of talk about 4K and HDR these days, but the new collection of Amazon Prime Day video game deals invites you to treat your ears as well with big savings on some nice Astro headsets. Whether you just want "really nice" or "super mega top of the line", you'll want to check these out.

View deal: A Master Chief themed Astro A50 with a bonus Halo 5 REQ pack code for $179.39 at Amazon. Save $119.60

View deal: Halo 5 Special Edition Astro A40 with Mixamp M88 for $132 at Amazon. Save $88

 You have to be a Prime member and click through to checkout the see the final prices on these offers, but don't worry, they're there.  Now that your ears are covered, keep treating yo'self with our ever-updated list of Amazon Prime Day video game deals.