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Pokemon Go Team Rocket event bringing Shiny Skorupi and Shadow Pokemon this Saturday

(Image credit: Niantic)

Pokemon Go is hosting a Team GO Rocket event this Saturday, March 7, from 2pm to 5pm local time, and it's bringing rare Shiny Shadow Pokemon as well as the never-before-seen Shiny Skorupi. 

Shadow Pokemon encountered during the event will be stronger than normal. "Whatever Team GO Rocket is doing seems to be making these poor Pokémon stronger as long as they remain Shadow Pokémon," Niantic explains. "Shadow Pokémon now deal more damage with their Fast Attacks and Charged Attacks, but they also take more damage when attacked. Powering up a Shadow Pokémon and teaching a Shadow Pokémon a second Charged Attack now cost less Stardust and Candy. And Legendary Shadow Pokémon you save from Giovanni are now more powerful." 

If you catch any Shadow Pokemon during the event, or you have some that you haven't purified yet, you'll be able to swap the Charged Attack Frustration for another move by using a Charged TM. "But if you purify the Shadow Pokémon afterward, it will still learn Return, replacing the attack learned from the Charged TM," Niantic says. This option will only be available during event hours, so choose your Pokemon and use your TMs wisely. 

Defeating Team GO Rocket members will also earn double Stardust during the event, plus you'll encounter more Poison- and Dark-type Pokemon this Saturday. Absol, in particular, will appear more frequently. And again, don't miss your shot at Shiny Skorupi. Who knows when it'll pop up again. 

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