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Misfits Cast And Crew At The SFX Weekender

E4’s Misfits was the surprise hit of 2009, coming from nowhere and immediately building a loyal cult following and grabbing impressive ratings. A show about a bunch of superpowered teens serving community service, it may have sounded like Skins meets Smallville, but Misfits carved out a niche all of its own. Slick, witty, shocking, slightly sick, occasionally pervy and completely unpredictable, it gave us a whole new bunch of cult heroes, who bickered almost as much as they shagged. There really never has been a show quite like it, and a second season has already been confirmed.

And now we’re happy to announce that there'll be a Misfits panel at the SFX Weekender!

Confirmed are the show’s creator and writer Howard Overman, executive producer Petra Fried, producer Kate Crowe and star Nathan Stewart-Jarrett, who plays Curtis. Antonia Thomas (who plays Alisha) also hopes to there work permitting.