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Mass Effect Legendary Cache includes a wearable helmet, morality spinner pin, and more

Mass Effect Legendary Edition helmet
(Image credit: EA)

The Mass Effect Legendary Cache is your chance to get your own wearable Commander Shepard helmet.

The $149.99 cache is available for pre-order now on the BioWare Gear store, with an early bird offer for free or discounted shipping, depending on where you live. The star of the show amongst its collection of collectibles is that 1:1 scale helmet. While you wouldn't want to try to brave the harsh vacuum of space or an attack from a rampaging Krogan in one, the visor and accents do light up Paragon Blue or Renegade Red with a set of built-in LED lights (two AA batteries not included).

The Legendary Cache also includes a soft enamel Morality Spinner Pin. It has the Paragon symbol on one side and the Renegade symbol on the other, so you can let everyone around you know whether you're in a by-the-book or reporter-punching mood on that particular day. It also includes a metal game case for Mass Effect Legendary Edition (though not the game itself) and a collectible letter from Captain Anderson commemorating Shepard's acceptance into the rank of N7.

Lastly, you get a canvas art print of the Normandy flying over Earth - and if you pick your cache up from the BioWare store, you'll also get an exclusive print of Shepherd with her Omni-Blade at the ready. The Mass Effect Legendary Cache will start shipping out from the BioWare store in May.

In non-helmet news, BioWare also confirmed the Mass Effect Legendary Edition release date along with a new trailer that shows off its crisp 4K remastering. You can also get a Mass Effect Legendary Edition pre-order here.

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