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Love Star Wars and want to talk about being a fan?

An independent filmmaker seeks fans to talk on camera about their love of the Lucas epic

SFX reader Gary Mancini has made a few short horror films over the years, but is currently planning a documentary feature about Star Wars fans.

In his own words:

"I've been a huge Star Wars fan for many years, and having attended four of the huge Celebration events, I was amazed at the diversity amongst fans. One girl I met wasn't interested in the films, only the novels, then you have original trilogy fans who cannot watch the prequels, and those raised on the prequels who think the original films are just 'old'. Reading Star Wars forums opened my eyes to just how passionate and defensive some fans can be."

"What we're looking for is voluntary Star Wars fans willing to submit their views to camera. We want to talk to those with an interesting collection of merchandise, those who dress in costume, people who make fan films, female fans of the saga, autograph collectors, original trilogy/prequel trilogy and Clone Wars fans, those who have seen Star Wars fandom pass through the generations of their family, but most of all people with passionate, funny, amazing, and interesting stories to tell about their time as a Star Wars fan. Basically, if you're a Star Wars fan with a great tale to tell, get in touch!"

"The documentary itself will look at fandom from before the movie even arrived, to where it stands today over 30 years later. The end plan is that we will have a completed documentary to launch at the next Star Wars Celebration event, and which will be available around the world."

Fans interested in taking part can email Gary and the team at . Remember SFX is also on the hunt for people with interesting sci-fi collections . The image shown here is from issue 154, our big 30th anniversary Star Wars celebration in 2007.