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Kingdom Hearts 3 Lucky Emblem locations - where to find all of the hidden Mickey Mouse-shaped icons

Kingdom Hearts 3 Lucky Emblems are one of the many collectibles you'll find in the game, but they're a little more tricky to find than your average pick up. These emblems look like the face of Mickey Mouse, and the difficulty lies in the fact that they can be literally anywhere in the various worlds of Kingdom Hearts 3. Sometimes they'll appear as a complete emblem, whereas others will require you to view multiple objects from just the right angle to form the iconic Mickey Mouse face. Don't stress though, as we've already put in the work to find each and every Kingdom Hearts 3 Lucky Emblem location, and if you follow this complete guide then you too can track them all down for yourself.

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Kingdom Hearts 3 - Olympus Lucky Emblems

At the top of the stairs in Thebes Overlook, past the man and woman who give you gifts for saving them.


In the middle of the street where you can use the Trinity Sled through the rubble, next to a gold disc.


In the main Thebes Agora square, on the right-hand side staircase at the back.


Up the stairs by the Thebes Overlook save point, between four potted plants.


On the side of a standing pillar as you start to climb the cliffside.


When you stop the waterfall, this lucky emblem is next to the trickle.


Further up the cliffside, there's one as you look off the edge of the cliff after the cave.


When it turns dark as you go toward where you fought the Titan, the branches on a tree form a lucky emblem.


On the side of the stairs by the water streams you can grind on, toward the Secluded Forge.


On the wall in a nearby room in the Realm of the Gods - Corridors area.


On the side of the anvil in the Secluded Forge.


This one is up on Cloud Ridge, at the end of the long grind rail with multiple enemies on.


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