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How to get Gambit Prime armor in Destiny 2: Joker's wild

Wondering how to get Gambit Prime armor in Destiny 2? I assure you, you're not alone. Unlike regular Gambit, the Gambit Prime armor system is layered and connected to multiple activities, so it's more difficult and often more confusing to acquire armor sets. But if you enjoy Gambit Prime, it's worth the effort, because each piece contributes unique role points that unlock powerful abilities.  Here's everything you need to know to get Gambit Prime armor in Destiny 2. 

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The Reckoning 

When you complete Gambit Prime bounties, finish matches, and perform specific actions mid-match, you'll earn dogtag-like synths. These synths correspond to the four Prime roles, and they're essential to getting more armor. By using the synthesizer provided by the Drifter, you can convert these synths into special motes which you can use in The Reckoning, the horde mode unlocked by Gambit Prime. 

When you "wager" a mote by dumping it into the bank at the start of The Reckoning, after you successfully clear the round, you'll receive a piece of armor that corresponds to the type of mote you wagered. So, if you wager a Reaper mote, you'll get Reaper armor at the end of the round. Gambit Prime armor comes with random rolls, and although you'll always receive a piece of armor for the role you wager for, it could be gloves or boots or what-have-you. You could even get a Gambit Prime weapon from The Reckoning, but you won't get any armor at the end if you don't wager a mote. 

Crucially, just as there are three tiers to The Reckoning, there are three tiers of motes. Tier one motes cost one synth, tier two motes cost two synths, and tier three motes cost three synths. You can only wager tier one motes in tier one of The Reckoning, and so on with the other tiers. You need a full set of tier three armor to get all the perks for that role, so your best bet is to save your synths and spend them in tier three of The Reckoning. Be sure to practice beforehand, because you won't always get your mote back if you fail the round! 

How to farm Gambit Prime synths 

If you want to build a full armor set, you're going to need plenty of synths, especially if you want to get good rolls on every piece. On top of playing Gambit Prime and completing weekly and daily bounties, here's how to earn more synths: 

  •  Reaper synths: kill ultra (yellow health bar) enemies and high-value targets 
  •  Sentry synths: kill multiple blockers or kill an Invader before they get a kill 
  •  Collector synths: bank 50 motes in a single match 
  •  Invader synths: kill multiple players in one Invasion  

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