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GTA 5 remake is a fan-made visual overhaul of Rockstar’s game

(Image credit: Rockstar Games)

A Grand Theft Auto 5 fan is planning on remaking Rockstar's entire game with updated visuals, and there's already a trailer for the huge project.

As first reported by The Gamer earlier this week, NB.Design, a 3D graphics designer who's also a huge fan of GTA 5 and Rockstar's games, is overhauling the entire game. The result, which is showcased in a trailer on YouTube, is absolutely astounding and gives Rockstar's 2013 game a massive visual upgrade to 4K resolution.

It's easy to forget that Rockstar's smash-hit game first came out almost eight years ago, two console generations removed from where we are now. GTA 5 still looks impressive, especially for a 2013 game all these years later, but NB.Design is putting their passion and dedication for Rockstar's game into remaking the entire game with a massive visual overhaul.

In fact, NB.Design even has a Patreon page set up for those who wish to support their hard work. There are three total support tiers, but it's anywhere upwards of £8 a month that gets you early access builds of forthcoming mods from the developer, which could mean that you might get early access to their ambitious GTA 5 remake.

GTA 5 might've first released the better part of a decade ago, but sales of Rockstar's game are showing no sign of slowing down. Last year in 2020 for example, the game sold upwards of one million total units, and was actually the UK's third-biggest selling game of the entire year. Later this year, an enhanced version of Rockstar's game will arrive on the PS5, with upgraded visuals and more bonus content.

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