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Ghost Recon Breakpoint will keep getting new content through 2021

Ghost Recon Breakpoint
(Image credit: Ubisoft)

Despite a somewhat rocky start, Ubisoft is committed to releasing new Ghost Recon Breakpoint updates throughout 2021.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint launched back in 2019 to generally middling reviews criticizing the open-world, the alarming amount of microtransactions, and myriad technical issues. GamesRadar's Ghost Recon Breakpoint review called it buggy, repetitive, and ultimately "a step backwards for the franchise." 

It didn't take long for Ubisoft to release a statement explaining why it thought people didn't like Ghost Recon Breakpoint and its plans for the future. Now more than a year later, Ubisoft has introduced several updates aimed at improving the game; some of the more substantial additions being AI teammates and Immersive mode, which gives you the ability to turn off gear score.

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Still, Ubisoft says its work on Ghost Recon Breakpoint isn't over yet. "Since launch, our priority has been to address feedback from you, our players," Ubisoft said in an update to fans on Twitter Friday. "We added multiple updates to our Ghost Experience, which brought the Bullet Lure, Darkest Night, Golem Island exploration, and World Modifiers to name a few. We have given you all the ability to fine tune Ghost Recon Breakpoint to meet your needs and wants."

Ubisoft also mentions the addition of Splinter Cell's Sam Fisher and the T-800 from Terminator. But what exactly is on its way to Ghost Recon Breakpoint? Well, Ubisoft doesn't say, at least not in any specific terms.

"We will keep working to add more to the game and offer you all some exciting content for the months to come. We are designing the future of our game based on your feedback and throwing in a few surprises into the mix! We will be sharing more details about what is to come in Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Breakpoint in 2021 soon."

If you haven't played Ghost Recon Breakpoint since launch, it might be a good time to check in and see what's new. With Ubisoft promising another year of content, you might find yourself playing for longer than you'd expect.

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