AI teammates are coming to Ghost Recon Breakpoint

AI teammates are coming to 2019's Ghost Recon Breakpoint in a free update dropping July 15, Ubisoft announced today. 

Recon was one of the frontrunners for today's Ubisoft Forward event, and its new teammates were shown off in a short pre-show section. "For all solo players, they're gonna be a game changer," Ubisoft said of the new allies.

You'll be able to add AI teammates to your squad as soon as you reach Auroa, with three agents available: Fury, Fixit, and Vasily. In addition to activating or dismissing them at will, you'll be able to customize them as soon as they're unlocked. 

Agent customization seems to go pretty deep. You can totally overhaul their physical appearance and gear, or add specific costumes to each agent. "Your teammates can be tweaked just as much as your main character," Ubisoft said, including most of the gunsmith options. So if you're a micro-manager who spent a few hours on your own character, get ready to triple that in pursuit of the ideal squad.

"They will always follow your behavior," Ubisoft added. "If you decide to go stealth, they will equip silencers and crouch, or go prone when possible. But if you decide to go loud and open fire, they will stick by your side." If you want your allies to do specific things, you can also command them using four orders: open fire, regroup, hold position, and move to a specified point.

There's a special sync-shot command, too. We've seen this in Ghost Recon before, but together with the teammates and the sync-shot drone already in Breakpoint, you can now pull off a seven-way sync-shot. And yes, if you're wondering, your teammates can revive you. Solo players rejoice. 

The Watch Dogs Legion release date was one of the biggest announcements at today's show.

Austin Wood

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