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Get Spider-Man PS4 for $39.99 with this discount, its lowest Amazon price ever

Spider-Man PS4 was praised as an instant superhero classic when it came out in September, and now you can get it for a third off the normal price just a few months later. The open-world game of slinging webs, cracking wise, and smacking goons off of rooftops (non-fatally) is currently available for $39.99 (save $20) on Amazon. That's the lowest official price it's ever seen on the online retailer, and it's a heck of a deal for the newest contender on our list of the best PS4 exclusives.

Spider-Man PS4 for $39.99 (save $20) on Amazon

Spider-Man PS4 for $39.99 (save $20) on Amazon
The finest interactive version of Peter Parker's superpowered adventures gives you an open-world Manhattan map to explore with endless, joyful webslinging. Don't forget to actually play through the surprisingly well-written story so you can enjoy its new take on familiar characters, too.

Worried that you may have already missed the proverbial Spider-Boat? Don't be. Spider-Man PS4 is every bit as vibrant and fun now as was when it came out, and in fact it's even gotten better with the addition of two optional paid DLC packs. Pick it up now and you'll be able to jump into the "Silver Lining" DLC when it comes out later this month, right alongside folks who have been Spider-Manning around since the beginning. No shame if you're too busy chasing after pigeons and measuring pollution clouds to plow through the campaign in time, though.

This is a good deal on Spider-Man PS4 by itself, but if you're still on the hunt for one of those hot-ticket bundles that includes the game and a 1TB slim system, check out our guide to the best PS4 bundle deals.

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