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Get the skinny on Deadpool's highway chase with this VFX reel

Most of the applause for Deadpool went to director Tim Miller and Ryan Reynolds, who slaved away for years getting it to the big screen. They weren't alone in that task as this new behind-the-scenes video reveals all the nifty special effects used to bring the flick to life. In particular? That wildly enjoyable highway scene.

Atomic Fiction, who handled the VFX on the movie, has released a clip revealing just what went into that first action set piece. It was early footage of this moment that leaked online, and as a result, pushed the movie into production. So it's great to actually see the efforts of the Atomic team in its final execution. Check it out below:

Going into a film like this, you kinda expect some of the action onscreen to be digitally created, or at the least, tweaked. But this shines a light on the extent of the effects team's contribution - they make cities where there were none! That's pretty damn impressive. The best part, though? Gotta be digital Deadpool.

Images: Fox

Gem Seddon

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