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Game developers: Showcase your game in the upcoming Future Games Show

(Image credit: Future)

The Future Games Show event in June featured over 40 games on console, mobile and PC platforms, from established AAA projects to breakout indies. We are planning a new Future Games Show event on August 28th, during the Gamescom week, and still have opportunities for you to debut your game on our show or share an exciting update. Our recent show reached over 13 million views across all content and platforms, making this a great way to introduce your title to new audiences across Gamesradar+ and the wider Future portfolio including PC Gamer, TechRadar, Tom’s Guide, and T3.

During the last show, we were proud to premiere new titles such as Dustborn, Morbid: The Seven Acolytes, Werewolf of the Apocalypse: Heart of the Forest, Space Crew, Serial Cleaners, and more. We were also delighted to present new material from announced or early access titles such as GTTOD: Get to the Orange Door, which reached an audience of millions and saw the game’s Steam wishlists rise by an incredible 10,000%. If you’d like to take part in our upcoming show, please find the details below. 

How to submit your game to the Future Games Show

(Image credit: Future)

We'd be thrilled to hear from games across all platforms, be they AAA hits of the future, cult indies, or major content updates to an existing game or service.  Please fill out the quick form through the link below. Submissions are open until Friday, August 7, so time is tight, but we’ll consider every application. We're especially interested in new / cool / experimental projects that might sit well in our 'Future Hits' montage, as debuted in our previous show, and there is also scope for longer trailers or sections for successful games.

Please fill out this quick form for your chance to take part in the Future Games Show.