Friday Link-A-Mania

Evil Dead: The Musical
Sci Fi Wire is reporting that the stage musical version of Evil Dead could be heading for cinema screens. Songs include "What the F--k Was That?", "I'm Not a Killer" and "Look Who's Evil Now." We also recommend checking out the musical’s website because the clips from the stage version on there are hilarious.

Oldboy Director Get US Cash Injection for Vampire Flick
Universal has invested in the next movie from Oldboy director Park Chan-wook. Called Thirst, it’s a vampire pic, and the deal marks the first time a Korean film has received US studio backing and a Stateside distribution commitment before its local release, reports Variety . The film, which apparently is a bit risque, is about a priest who participates in a medical experiment to find a cure for a deadly disease with traumatic repercussions.

We’re Doomed!
Fox has bought a script for film described as an epic sci fi version of The Magnificent Seven (haven’t they heard of Battle Beyond the Stars?). Doomsday Protocol, written by Shane Salerno, involving a group of aliens and humans with various abilities who are brought together to save Earth, says The Hollywood Reporter . But the alarm bells start sounding when you remember than Salerno has writing credits on Alien Vs Preadtor: Requiem, Ghost Rider and Armageddon.