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Fortnite mechs are exploding when they land, and players are celebrating

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Fortnite mechs are apparently making a rather explosive exit from the world of Battle Royale after the latest V10.40 patch. Players have been posting tweets showing mechs immediately exploding as soon as they hit the ground, and many are expressing their joy over the mechs' fiery end. 

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Fortnite mechs have been a pretty unpopular edition to the world of Battle Royale to say the least, so it's not surprising that players are happy about this latest development. As GamesRadar+'s very own guides Iain Wilson editor pointed out to me, this appears to be a result of a virus that was added to the Brute mechs in The Combine event, which is a new playlist added in the latest patch that sees players try to reach the end goal as fast as possible, while eliminating all enemy targets along the way. Data miners also unearthed an image of the mechs infected just before the latest update went live. 

Mechs were initially added in August, but after a significant amount of community backlash that they were far too overpowered, Epic nerfed the mechs. Despite the nerfing, many were still getting pretty fed up of the challenge they presented during matches, so players are more than happy to see them blow up. With Fortnite Season 11 set to kick on October 6, this latest occurrence could very well mean that players won't have to worry about the robo-opposition in future. 

Aside from the possible permanent removal of the mechs in the next season, some other big changes could be on the horizon. The latest data mine suggests there could be an entirely new map with locations and points of interest to explore. And the mechs might not be the only thing players bid farewell to, as an image surfaced showing the Fortnite characters waving goodbye to the Battle Bus. 

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