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A new Fortnite map could be on the way, according to the latest data mine

Fortnite map
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The Fortnite map is an ever changing beast that keeps developing from season to season in some way or another. Big, end-of-season events have historically transformed the map, and Fortnite data miner Lucas7yoshi believes they've found evidence that could suggest "a new map is likely, or at least a massively changed one." 

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Lucas7yoshi posted a tweet with a list of names for new locations that could be coming to the Fortnite map. The location names were found in the game's code files, and all of them sound quite familiar, which seems to give the data mined locations some legitimacy. From the list you can see above, a few locations bear some similarities to the locations we've already seen before in previous seasons. Weeping Woods, for example, is not far off from the Wailing Woods that was eventually replaced by Sunny Steps. 

GamesRadar+'s very own veteran Fortnite player James Jarvis pointed out the similarities these names bear to previous locations could possibly hint at the next phase in the new season, which could be set in a new time. Since season 10 introduced Rifts which brought back old locations and slightly altered them, it is possible that we'll see old locations return in a different form. So Weeping Woods, for example, could potentially be a past or future version of Wailing Woods. Of course, this is all speculation, but with Fortnite season 11 on the horizon, seeing the map transform in some way is very likely. 

As well as the location names, other leaks also seem to suggest big changes are on the horizon, including a loading screen which shows the Fortnite characters waving farewell to the Battle Bus as it flies off into the distance. Lucas7yoshi also uncovered what appears to be a new set of challenges titled "Last Stop," which relates to the leaked loading screen image of the Battle Bus. And to add even more fuel to the fire, another leak found by FortTory suggests an upcoming event is one called "The End." Could this be hinting at the end of the map as we know it? We'll have to wait and see. 

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Of course, this is all speculation and with any leaks we can't know for certain, but a lot of evidence seems to hint that we may be seeing some big changes coming to the world of Fortnite in the run up to Season 11. 

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