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6 Fortnite landing tips that’ll help you score Victory Royale in no time

Begin as you mean to go on in Fortnite. In other words, if you’re playing to win, you better make sure your landing strategy reflects that. One false start, one poorly timed deployment, and you could be dead and buried before you’ve even had time to pull off a Flippin’ Sexy emote. Sure, it might just seem like a simple case of falling with style, but Fortnite landing is a complex science of physics, geometry, and psychology, all of which must be factored in to make a quickfire calculation while plummeting through the sky at a gazillion miles an hour.

It only takes up the first two minutes of the game, but your Fortnite landing strategy in every match can be the deciding factor between life and death. Here’s what you need to know about skydiving, gliding, and landing in Fortnite, and how you can utilise all three to make sure you’re hitting the ground running every time. 

Aim for low terrain

This should be common knowledge to any frequented Fortnite player by now, but here’s rule 101 when it comes to the art of landing, in case you’d forgotten. Your parachute will automatically open once your character reaches a defined distance from the ground, regardless of topography. For example, a player who is skydiving above a mountain will have their parachute forced open much earlier than someone who is falling above a ravine, allowing the latter to reach the ground before the former. 

So if you want to get to the floor as fast as possible, avoid any high rise obstacles, including trees, buildings, and hills, and aim for low dips in the terrain instead. If you are desperate to land at a mountain, at least aim for a nearby shallow point first and wait until your parachute is deployed, as this will reduce your fly time while still giving you plenty of opportunity to reach your desired destination. 

Always land next to a weapon

The faster you’re on the ground in Fortnite, the faster you can grab yourself a weapon, which - unless you’re a serious pro with the pickaxe - is the best way to stay alive in those crucial early moments of each match. With that in mind, keep your eyes peeled for a floor weapon wherever you’re landing, and aim straight for it with the intention of picking it up right away. Even if it’s just an common pistol, it’s better than nothing, and immediately gives you a way to defend yourself against any nearby challengers.

Chests are also an option, but they’re less ideal than a floor weapon, since you could waste precious seconds opening one up, during which enemies will have a better chance to arm themselves and rush you. The first thirty seconds in any busy landing spot always entails a mad dash for weaponry, so if you do manage to grab a firearm as soon as you’ve hit the floor, you’ll have the perfect opportunity to take out any unarmed scrabblers while they’re still vulnerable. 

Some landing spots are definitely better than others

As for where exactly you want to land in Fortnite, that’s where things start to get… subjective. Everyone has their own favourite spots, but if we’re speaking in terms of pure competitive efficacy, some locales are absolutely better choices than others. Tilted Towers might be fun, but let’s face it; it’s basically like dropping into a Call of Duty match mid-game, and your chances of survival are drastically reduced as soon as you’re in there. 

If you want a good balance between loot drops and threat level, try a less popular but geographically dense point of interest like Lucky Landing, Risky Reels, or Anarchy Acres. You don’t even have to land at a named location to get plenty of loot; the North East corner of the map, for instance, has dozens of potential chests scattered around its various structures, but the amount of people dropping alongside you is usually nice and minimal. 

Get away from the battle bus to avoid early fights

Fortnite tips

People are lazy, not to mention impatient. Out of the 99 other Fortnite players you’ll be competing against in each match, only a baker’s dozen will typically have the willpower to glide all the way to the far corners of the map, instead choosing to hit points of interest closer to the Battle Bus’ randomly designated route. 

So if you’re a Fortnite player who prefers seclusion during the early stages of a round, hop out and deploy your parachute almost straight away to reach a more receded destination. It might mean spending a little longer time in the sky, but the lack of action is worth it if you want to start off slow and build yourself up to a fight, rather than land directly in the thick of it. 

Anticipate your gliding times

Because of the mandatory glide times imposed by the powers that be (i.e. Epic), it’s a good idea to time your drop carefully so as to ensure you hit your target as quickly as possible. For example, say you’re headed to Tilted Towers, because of course you are. 

Don’t wait until the battle bus is flying right over the city before jumping out, but instead leave about 10 seconds before it gets there, skydiving and then gliding at a directed angle towards it. That way, you won’t be left hovering above your landing point forever like a helpless Mary Poppins, but will have used every airborne second to time your impact perfectly, without a single moment wasted in the sky. 

Don’t believe the myths

Best to clear up any confusion around this. No, different gliders don’t provide any gameplay advantages. They’re cosmetic only, even if some boast distinct sound effects that might provide cues for who’s nearby. Umbrellas and gliders are, therefore, completely the same from a gameplay perspective, even if they look so distinctly different from each other. 

There’s no secret life hacks to falling faster than anyone else either - other than aiming your camera straight down, of course - since Epic has been sure to iron out any potential exploits that could imbalance the competition. And lastly, though this should really go without saying, you can’t glide your way over to Spawn Island, and I’m not sure why you’d want to anyway, as it’s the surest way to get yourself killed by the storm. So ignore the myth makers; it’s hard, cold facts that’ll pave your way to a solid landing in Fortnite Battle Royale. 

Alex is a UK-based writer and editor, peddling his written wares to whoever will take them. You can enjoy his irrational stream of consciousness on Twitter at @alexavard95.