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How to get the Rat King Exotic in Destiny 2

While playing Destiny 2, you might have spotted a few players sporting a snazzy looking exotic called the Rat King. It is a nifty little sidearm that has benefits like being able to boost your damage several times over if you are in a team with other players carrying the weapon. On top of that, it can also be modified with a number of cool perks, such as the vermin upgrade that lets you become invisible for a brief moment of time when reloading after a kill or smooth grip that makes aiming significantly easier. 

We could go on more about its advantages, but we know what you really want to find out is how to get the weapon for yourself, so we’ll cut things a little short. All you need to know about how to get the Destiny 2 Rat King Exotic is covered below, including what questlines you need to complete and how to solve the four Rat King riddles.

How to get the Rat King Exotic

  • Complete the Enemy of my Enemy quest on Titan
  • Complete all four Rat King riddles with a Fire Team partner
  • Earn your prize

Step 1: Enemy of my Enemy quest line

Once the Enemy of my Enemy quest unlocks with Sloane on Titan, you’ll be on your way to obtaining the Rat King. First up are a series of fairly mundane activities; find the control centre, find the methane reactor, cycle terminals, locate reactor console, find the reactor, fight the enemies around the reactor, and then finally take control of it. Easy.

Once that’s done, a special relic will appear in your inventory in Kinetic weapons.

Step 2: The Rat King: Riddle 1

The Rat King's Crew / Runs to and fro / Good girls and boys / Know where to go / Pick up your toys and darn your socks / On errand of woe, on errands we walk.

First up: ALL riddle steps need to be accompanied by a fireteam member, so whilst you can unlock the relic going solo, you have to team up with another Guardian or two to complete this, and the other players have to have the quest line unlocked, too. 

Errands we walk? They’re talking about Patrols here - three of them, to be precise. It’s quicker if you stick to the Patrols that chiefly involve killing stuff, but it doesn’t matter what you do as long as you’re in a fireteam.

Step 2: The Rat King: Riddle 2

The Rat King's Crew / Goes arm in arm / To fight as one / To do no harm / So have your fun and run outside / Rally the flag and we'll never die

If you’ve spent any time doing one of Destiny 2’s plentiful (yay!) public events, “Rally the Flag” should sound familiar enough. For this, you need to get two Public Events under your belt. Shouldn’t take long now, thanks to Destiny 2’s all-new map.

Step 4: The Rat King: Riddle 3

The Rat King's Crew / Goes four and four / With good good fights / They learn to score / Then three as one they stand upright / Return from past the wall and wanting more.

“Goes four and four”? Yup, you’ve guessed it - Crucible. Not every Guardian likes venturing into PvP, but as you’re already teamed up for the quest line, make the most of it. I can (ahem) reliably inform you that you don’t have to win to progress; just completing two matches is all you need. 

Step 5: The Rat King: Riddle 4

The Rat King's Crew / Stands three as one / They see Night's fall / And fear it none / But watch the clock as you scale the wall / Lest five remain hope comes for none.

I’ll level with you - from here, things get a little tricky, and you have to have unlocked Nightfall strikes before you can even try it. “They see Night’s fall” indicates that you need to complete a certain Nightfall mission, but - because this is Destiny, and no great gun comes without a challenge - this time, it’s with a twist. You need to complete the Strike, but also have to have five minutes left on the clock… which isn’t easy given you’ve only eleven minutes to begin with.

Elemental damage plays a key role here, too. The strike cyclically changes up which elemental weapons will do the most damage, so you need to keep an eye out on the prompt at the bottom-left of the screen for updates on whether it’s your Void, Solar, or Arc weapons that will deal the most damage. While you can still batter stuff with Kinetic weapons, to really clear the swarms, you need good Fireteam communication - not to mention a balanced loadout - to master this strike.

The good news is, you can add anything from 2-7 seconds to your clock with each kill, but slaying at this level isn’t child play, so in some instances it might be prudent to push on through rather than fight, depending upon what’s in front of you, how long Ghost fecking takes opening the bloody doors...

Topple the final boss with five minutes on the clock and The Rat King’s yours! Easy, eh?