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Call of Duty: Warzone swaps out Battle Royale Quads for Realism Quads in new update

(Image credit: Activision)

Call of Duty: Warzone Battle Royale Quads has been temporarily disabled.

Infinity Ward revealed that it was shelving the fan-favorite mode in favor of Realism Battle Royale (Quads) on its official Twitter account. This immediately set off a flood of incredulous replies from Battle Royale Quads fans.

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Realism Battle Royale is fundamentally the same game mode, just with extra restrictions to create a more tense experience: increased headshot damage seriously drops engagement time and a limited HUD makes you rely more on in-world cues to stay abreast of the battle (or bring up the map screen to see where your squadmates have wandered off to).

You can also still play non-realism Battle Royale in trios and so on, though have fun explaining that to your squad's No. 4 when they log on and start asking where you're dropping. In any case, Infinity Ward made sure to mention that the change was only temporary, so if you're aghast at Quads' absence you hopefully won't need to wait too long to get it back.

This weekend playlist update follows another that re-enabled Blood Money, on top of moving Battle Royale Solos to their own sub menu and removing Scrapyard from Hardcore playlists.With Call of Duty: Modern Warfare season 4 well underway, there 

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With Call of Duty: Modern Warfare season 4 well underway, there are plenty more changes in store for Warzone. You can check out the new season's roadmap to get an idea of where it's headed next - though Infinity Ward always sneaks in some extra surprises.

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