The best Xbox One S bundles, prices 2019

The best Xbox One S bundles, prices 2019
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Want the best Xbox One S bundles, prices and deals? Don't worry, we’ve already found some must-have bargains to save you both time and money. Our team have been combing through the internet for the most tantalising discounts on Microsoft's gaming machine, and you can what what we found below. The price cuts listed here are nothing less than top value, and they're updated frequently to keep them up-to-the-minute.

Best deal today

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1TB Xbox One S + The Division 2 | $249 at Walmart (save over $20)
Although this isn't the cheapest offer out there, it contains a console and the excellent Division 2 for less than you'd pay separately. Bargain.

What's the difference between the S and those Xbox One X deals, though? The answer lies in cost and 4K resolution. For starters, the best Xbox One S bundles, prices and deals are significantly cheaper than the X equivalents. Yes, the S is less powerful, but it's also able to play every Xbox One game nonetheless - it just can't do so in 4K. Not that the Xbox One S is a slouch technically speaking, of course. It still gives you High Dynamic Range for a superior picture, Premium Dolby Atmos/DTS:X spatial audio for excellent sound, 1TB of internal memory for storing all those save files, and the ability to run 4K Blu-Rays. In other words, it’s the perfect entry-point to the world of Xbox One.

Speaking of which, be sure to check out these savings for Xbox One accessories to complete your setup. Our handy guide includes everything from Xbox Live deals (which you'll need to use online multiplayer) to space-saving Xbox One external hard drives, and that's before we even get to offers on the best Xbox One headsets for more immersive gaming. Don’t miss out on these cheap Xbox game deals either - it's a good way to get The Division 2, Halo, and beyond for less.

Best Xbox One S bundles

The best Xbox One S bundles, prices and deals


Want the best possible value for money? Getting an Xbox One S with games included is the way to go. You can usually pick up a console with big hitters like The Division 2 for only a little more than the system by itself. It's frequently cheaper than buying each item separately, too.

We've listed our favorite deals of the week right here. 

1TB Xbox One S + The Division 2 | $249 at Walmart (save over $20)
The Division 2 is a gem of a game and one of 2019's best. Getting just over $20 off is much appreciated as a result.View Deal

Xbox One S bundle + controller + HyperX CloudX | $299 at Walmart (save up to $70)
That's a real bargain - you get the console, a game, extra official wireless controller, and a great HyperX CloudX gaming headset.View Deal

1TB Xbox One S Fortnite Battle Royale Special Edition | $249 at Walmart (save $50)
This special purple edition Xbox One S is gorgeous. You also get the Dark Vertex Cosmetic Set and 2000 V-Bucks.View Deal

1TB Xbox One S Minecraft Creator Bundle | $215 at Walmart (save $100)
Even though it's not the most modern of bundles, that huge discount makes it worth your time.View Deal

1TB Xbox One S + NBA 2K19 | $218 on Amazon (save $82)
Take to the court in NBA 2K19 for a little less than normal with this cracking Amazon deal.View Deal

1TB Xbox One S + Battlefield 5 | $225 at Walmart (save $76)
This long-running series goes back to WWII in its latest instalment, but this time it's got multiplayer customisation.View Deal

1TB Xbox One S + Anthem | $240 at Walmart (save over $10)
It's hardly a perfect game, but those interested in Anthem for their new Xbox One shouldn't miss this deal.View Deal

1TB Xbox One S All-Digital Edition | $245 at Walmart (save $20)
A disc-less model of Xbox One landed last month with three games in tow (Minecraft, Sea of Thieves, and Forza Horizon 3).View Deal

Best Xbox One S console-only deals

The best Xbox One S bundles, prices and deals


You're in the right place if you want up-to-the-minute deals on an Xbox One S; this page is updated on a daily basis with new savings and bargains. Although you can get the console by itself for $200 or less, we'd advise grabbing a bundle with games where possible. It's often better value for money, particularly when the offer includes more than one game.

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