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Best gaming gifts this Valentine’s Day, from you to… you

Best gaming gifts this Valentine’s Day, from you to… you

Sometimes, there are gaming purchases that are a little hard to justify. Not in the realms of ridiculousness but maybe they stretch the ‘need’ boundary, crossing over into the ‘just want’ section of our game purchasing decision making. But why can’t you treat yourself? You absolutely can. And should. No doubt those lucky enough to have partners are already committing funds and resources and time to doing something together but why should that be the be all and end all of Valentine’s? 

For those of you with partners - good for you! Now consider binning off the extra flowers or chocolates (and then some) and get yourself something. For those yet to find another human being to wrangle up with, treat yourself - you’re worth it. Whatever you’re doing this valentines, for a bit of fun, we’ve rounded up some of the most indulgent purchases you can treat yourself to.

A brand headset and...ears?

Best gaming gifts this Valentine’s Day, from you to… you

Headsets are fast becoming (if they haven’t already) a gaming essential. They often provide the best way to experience games, whatever you’re playing. And nowadays, there’s such a range of them that you can pick up a set from the relatively boring and cheap to the sophisticated mega headsets. Away from the utilitarian, you can really treat yourself this valentine's with one of the best headsets going in the Razer Kraken Pro V2 in valentine’s pink! Breathtakingly niche in its appeal, it might well be for you, if you’re looking for a treat for yourself and to stand out from the crowd. And what about those cute kitty ears to accessorize your headset...if you’re into that thing... 

A Game of Thrones boxset

Best gaming gifts this Valentine’s Day, from you to… you

Yes, there’s one main reason why we’re suggesting to watch this heated, heavy-breathing, action-packed gargantuan of a TV series. And that’s that the new season starts real soon (link). It’s a well-established world favourite now, telling multiple weaving stories simultaneously across a Medieval-Europe inspired land, full of sword and sorcery and the best and worst kind of characters. Gorge on a Blu-ray boxset of seasons 1-7 - the whole lot - before Season 8 comes out.

Oh, plus there’s lots of love and romance and, umm, physical amorousness on show. Enjoy!

An extra special controller

Best gaming gifts this Valentine’s Day, from you to… you

Another controller for your console (or PC if you like to play that way) is always welcome, and we think there’s never a bad time to add another one. However, when it comes to those more ‘special’ or unusual of controllers, you may have always shied away from pulling the trigger. No more come this Valentine’s day! Go forth and schnaffle that Xbox Elite controller, or grab that outrageous gold DualShock 4! How about that rare, limited edition DualShock 4 you’ve always wanted like the God of War one or the Star Wars one.

Those AAA titles that have been calling to you

Best gaming gifts this Valentine’s Day, from you to… you

Maybe you’ve been waiting for a perennial value-holder like Red Dead Redemption 2 to come down in price - which we can tell you know, is on offer for both PS4 and Xbox One right now - but even if it wasn’t, you’ve earned it, so treat yourself to one of the biggest titles you’re likely to ever play. Stretch this to that pre-order you’ve been umming and ahhing about, like the aptly named Kingdom Hearts III. There’s often some benefits to just going for it, like with Anthem right now at Walmart where you can get a $10 gift card bonus by pre-ordering the game (for Xbox One or PS4) - that can then be put towards some chocolates or something...

Also, consider spending some time with Kassandra and Alexios on a romantic romp around the Aegean this Valentine’s. An all action Assassin’s Creed adventure with all the pleasures of role playing and romance thrown in. You could even treat yourself to the limited or gold editions to extend that journey long into the night. 

A gaming chair - love your rear

Best gaming gifts this Valentine’s Day, from you to… you

Keep yourself comfortable and in good posture with one of the most comfortable options to play games in and give your ass some love this Valentine’s. Often a forgotten addition to your setup, or something that just gets a seriously bad rap (though they don’t help themselves sometimes), it is highly possible to get a gaming chair that will seamlessly fit into your office, spare bedroom or even corner of your living room without looking (too) ridiculous. We’re not saying it’ll tie the whole room together but they don’t look as out of place as you might think. Their price tags are often prohibitive but they are worth it and your butt will be thankful for the love you give it with, say, either the SecretLab Omega Softweave or the GT Omega Pro Racing Office Chair. 

Retro, heart-warming consoles

Best gaming gifts this Valentine’s Day, from you to… you

Perhaps you’ve looked fondly at the range of retro consoles out now, but can’t really warrant the time you’d have to give them - given all the new games that we are constantly treated to. Well, why not use this Valentine’s to push yourself into getting one - they’re not staggeringly expensive but the PlayStation Classic is a fine example of getting those old school feels into your home and you’ll truly enjoy all the nostalgia and memories they’ll treat you to, and you’ll feel all warm and fuzzy inside. 

Refresh your mouse and keyboard

Best gaming gifts this Valentine’s Day, from you to… you

You’ve got to be happy with the way you play your games, and more often than not on PC, that’ll be through a mouse and keyboard. Gone are the days that the standard mouse and board you got with your computer, or the budget ones you got to tide you over, will suffice  - there are now so many designated and designed gaming mice-board combos (and individuals) out there. And this would be a perfect, obvious and stated way to treat yourself this Valentine's particularly with the artistry of design and colour and lights that come with them nowadays. And what better way to do it now then to embrace Razer’s valentine’s gear again with the pink mouse (the Lancehead) and keyboard (the BlackWidow) combo. It’s pretty outlandish but this is the time of year just to go out and embrace it all.

Alternatively, for those of you who are relentlessly sensible, go wild the premium Razer Huntsman Elite or for slightly less cash this February, our favourite, the Corsair K70 LUX is also a worthy gift to yourself.

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