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Which Logitech headset is best for gaming?

Logitech has long excelled at building PC peripherals and some of their best work is in the mouse and keyboard space, but they also boast a selection of really excellent, competitive gaming headsets. While they might not compare to expensive studio headphones for listening to music, the advantage of choosing a Logitech headset is that they’re generally tailored specifically for gaming. 

But what defines the perfect gaming headset? There are a bunch of considerations to factor in when picking out the right cans, and you want to choose carefully because there are few worse cases of buyer’s remorse than spending a bucket load of cash on some high-end headphones and then realizing there’s one irritating quirk that absolutely ruins them. But proper headphones can take your game experience up a notch, and if you’ve been making do with the flimsy mic that came packed in with your PC or console, you’re on the precipice of an incredible aural revelation. 

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 What makes for a great gaming headset? 

Noise-cancelling is a very different quality when shopping for a gaming headset as compared to a set of standard headphones. Depending on your environment and specific needs, noise-cancelling headphones may actually be a negative (speaking without hearing your own voice can be a disorienting experience), but on the other hand, a noise-cancelling mic is a huge perk. The PC and console voice communication solutions can be spotty at best, and introducing more intrusive background sound or pickup can render you and your teammates unintelligible. A noise-cancelling mic helps ensure you’re always coming through clearly, even when you’re shouting orders in the middle of a firefight.

Gaming headsets also benefit a great deal from surround sound. Positional audio in games can make a huge difference in terms of your ability to respond to your environment, and contributes greatly to immersiveness. An awesome set of headphones is a huge step towards an audio experience that pulls you out of our world and drops you into the rich soundscape of a foreign battlefield or breathtaking fantasy realm in some of the best PC games. While we're on the subject of PC, here are the best PC headsets for gaming, if you need them.

Beyond those specific considerations, a gaming headset needs to sit comfortably on your dome, be durable and flexible, and be competent to enough to fill any of your other audio needs. While bonus features are nice, it’s these core considerations that will make the difference between a tolerable headset and an amazing one, particularly if you’re the kind of gamer who puts in lengthy sessions with them strapped to your head.

 So which Logitech headsets stand out? 

Logitech H800 Wireless

A great wireless option

Acoustic design: Closed Back | Weight: 120g | Cable length: 4 ft for charging

No cables to adjust or drape over your shoulder
Noise-cancelling microphone
Generous, comfortable foam pads
 Lacks surround sound functionality and light on additional features 

The H800 is a great headset for PC gamers piping their machine through their TV, who tend to sit farther away from their display, as well as console gamers who don’t mind plugging the included USB receiver into their box (Bluetooth devices can connect to the H800 natively, no dongle required). The foam pads sit comfortably around the ears, and while the H800 isn’t bristling with additional features, its focus on delivering crystal clear, high quality sound and an excellent, noise-cancelling mic are very welcome. They do include on-ear media controls so you don’t have to fumble with remotes or controllers to fiddle with the volume, and their simple, understated matte black design means they won’t clash with any of your other fancy peripherals.

Logitech G933 Artemis Spectrum Surround

Fully featured and decked out with extras

Acoustic design: Closed Back | Weight: 366g | Cable length: 6.56 ft

 Surround sound capable 
 Allows multiple devices to connect 
 Wired or wireless 
 Very large and bulky

Where the H800 represents simplicity, the G933 is replete with additional features and functionality. Key is the surround sound functionality, available as either 7.1 Dolby or 7.1 DTS, that delivers gorgeous, high quality audio with impressive surround emulation. The 933 also allows for multiple devices to be connected at once (one USB and two analog simultaneously), so you can get deep into a Call of Duty multiplayer session without worrying about missing calls. It’s also rigged up with fully customizable RGB lighting, so if flash and color are your thing the G933 is appropriately blinged (and looks very attractive in both black and white models). It’s one of the best headsets available regardless of manufacturer and all the slick additional features and extra trimmings don’t detract from quality where it counts the most.