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The best after Christmas sales for gamers in 2021

Christmas sales for gamers
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The after Christmas sales are now slowly but surely becoming that January sales for gamers - but are still offering some excellent options for those on the hunt for deals and value-busting additions to their setups. 

Ever since Christmas Day passed, we've been seeing some top-quality price cuts on some great gear. Be it games, subs, hard drives, accessories, peripherals; the offerings have been incredibly wide and varied. If you've been lucky enough to unwrap a new console or upgrade your rig on the day, then it's time to strike while the iron's hot, as these deals won't be around long. Or, if you didn't get that new console, but still want to invest in preparing for it, or to upgrade the setup you do currently have, there's never been a better time to grab a bargain.

We've been busy searching for the best after Christmas sales for gamers, so you'll find a wide selection below. Everything's covered from the best gaming headsets, best board games, and best gaming keyboards - just to scratch the surface. If you were unable to capitalize across the Winter sales before Christmas time, such as the best gifts for gamers, then these hybrid, after Christmas-January sales are now your best opportunity. Retailers will now be looking to shift on extra stock of items that were piled high before the festive season so we should continue to see some absolutely banging deals across gaming gear. 

We update this page regularly with all the best deals in the after Christmas sales available, so be sure to check back in often for a new round of savings hot off the presses. Whether you're all in on Xbox, part of the Nintendo faithful, a PlayStation purist or prefer to play on PC, we've got everything you need down below. 

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Today's best deals

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy (PS5 & Xbox) | $59.99 $29.99 at Best Buy
Save 50% - The latest Marvel game (a single-player adventure with an all-new story) has fallen back down to its Black Friday price for the Christmas sales. If you wanted a new game to try over the festive season, you could do a lot worse than this; it has a genuinely great narrative and satisfying gameplay that caught us off-guard.

UK deal: £59.99 £49.99 at Amazon

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (Nintendo Switch) | $59.99 $49.94 at GameStop
Save $10 - Few games are as good for family get-togethers as Mario Kart. Easy to get the hang of but sporting a hidden depth that gives veterans something to get their teeth into, it's a must-have for any Switch owner.

UK price: £39.99 at Argos

Best After Christmas sales for gamers - PS5

PlayStation Plus (12 months) | $59.99 $41.89 at CDKeys
Looking to top up your existing membership or get a subscription for your new console? This is the best deal around at the moment. Despite having been available for less before now (the lowest price we've seen was $24.88 a year or so ago), this is generally the best discount on offer for PS Plus. Remember, though, that this offer is redeemable only if you're based in the USA.

Far Cry 6 (PS5) | $59.99 $24.99 at Amazon
Save 58% - If you missed the latest Far Cry when it launched earlier this year, now's your chance to rectify that. It's only five dollars off its lowest price, so you're getting a lot of bang for your buck with this chaotic open-world extravaganza.

UK deal: £49.99 £32.99 at Amazon

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy (PS5) | $59.99 $29.99 at Best Buy
Save 50% - This is a cracking deal on what is a very new (and excellent) game. It's also fallen back to the aggressively reasonable price it enjoyed over Black Friday, so you can't really hope to find a better offer. There's a lot of fun to be had here in a single-player campaign that is arguably as good as the movies that inspired it.

UK deal: £59.99 £54.99 at Amazon

Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart | $69.99 $49.99 at Best Buy
Save 28% - This PlayStation exclusive was amongst the best games to release this year, so getting it for a good chunk of change less isn't an opportunity to miss if you're in need of a fun, family-friendly cartoon adventure.

UK deal: £69.99 £44.85 at Base

Sackboy: A Big Adventure | $59.99 $29.99 at Best Buy
Save $30 - Want a cute platformer to see you through the festive season? Sackboy of LittleBigPlanet fame returns with this 3D platformer you can play by yourself or with three others. While we've seen it drop lower in price before, it was only 10 cents less so this is one of the better offers from 2021's Christmas sales for gamers.

UK deal: £59.99 £47.95 at Amazon

Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales | $49.99 $29.99 at Best Buy
Save $20 - This PS5 follow-up to Marvel's Spider-Man continues that story with a focus on Miles as he takes up the webbed superhero mantle. While it's not overly long, it rarely drops this much in price so is a good find in this year's Christmas sales.

UK deal: £51.99 £37.50 at Amazon

Razer BlackShark V2 X | $59.99 $44 at Amazon
Save 27% - Having dropped in price during November and stayed there ever since, this entry-level BlackShark headset is a great solution if you were looking for an affordable (but still good) headset for your console. It's compatible with practically everything, too.

UK price: £59.99 £49 at Amazon

WD SN850 SSD (1TB, with Heatsink) | $269.99 $219.99 at Best Buy
Save $50 - In terms of ridiculous discounts, this one takes the cake. You're getting $50 off one of our top recommendations for PS5 SSDs, so don't miss an opportunity to boost your console's memory for less.

UK price: £259.99 £169.98 at Amazon

Best After Christmas sales for gamers - Xbox

Call of Duty: Vanguard | $69.99 $53 at Walmart
Save 24% - The latest Call of Duty game has had a slight drop for the Christmas sales. Because the single-player campaign is an excellent companion to the already-great multiplayer mode (and CoD tends to hold its price), it's worth grabbing even if it isn't the biggest discount on this page.

UK price: Check price at Amazon

Guardians of the Galaxy (Xbox) | $59.99 $29.99 at Best Buy
Save 50% - You really can't argue with a discount like that, especially when it's on a game that's so critically acclaimed. Seeing as this one took us all by surprise with its high quality, don't miss the chance to try it for less.

UK price: £54.99 £49.99 at Amazon

Razer BlackShark V2 X | $59.99 $44 at Amazon
Save 27% - As a cheaper but still quality version of the standout BlackShark V2, the X is perfect if you want to enhance your gaming experience without breaking the bank. This one's compatible with most platforms as well, so you're not limited to using it on Xbox.

UK price: £59.99 £49 at Amazon

WD Black 950 (500GB) | $179.99 $139.99 at Amazon
Save 22% - Thanks to a saving of $40, this external hard drive challenges its price during the Black Friday sale. And despite being just 500GB, it's still exceptionally fast and reliable enough to be worthy of your attention.

UK price: £149.99 £109.49 at Amazon

After Christmas sales for gamers - Nintendo

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe | $59.99 $50.99 at GameStop
Save $9 - Looking for a great game to play over the Holiday season with your family? It's Mario Kart. This multiplayer favorite always goes down a storm when played on the big screen, and everyone can get involved thanks to its accessible controls.

UK price: £39.99 at Argos

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild | $59.99 $36.99 at GameStop
Save $23 - If you're looking for one of the best games on the Switch, you've found it. This Legend of Zelda is an exceptional fantasy adventure that throws you into an open world of monsters, ruined temples to solve, and gorgeous landmarks to explore. Seriously, Breath of the Wild is Nintendo on its A-game.

UK price: £47.99 £44.99 at Currys

Animal Crossing: New Horizons | $59.99 $50.99 at Best Buy
Save $9 - Even though the latest Animal Crossing hasn't seen its Black Friday price in a while, it's still possible to save some money thanks to Best Buy's Christmas sales for gamers. It's only $9 off, but that's pretty fair for Nintendo games in the grand scheme of things (they usually hold their price).

UK price: $39.99 £36.99 at Currys

New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe | $59.99 $35.99 at Best Buy
Save $25 - Another multiplayer favorite, this revamped take on the side-scrolling Super Mario Bros. formula is a real delight that's easy to get into but tricky to master thanks to tough levels the further you go.

UK price: $39.99 £36.99 at Currys

Super Mario Odyssey | $59.99 $46.99 at Best Buy
Save $15 - This is easily one of the best games on Switch, so seeing a good chunk of change knocked off is the perfect opportunity to pick it up if you've yet to try the world-spanning Mario adventure.

UK deal: £39.99 £36.99 at Currys

SanDisk SD Card (128GB) | $24.99 $17.29 at Amazon
Save 25% - You don't need anything fancy if you want to boost your Switch console's memory; this entry from SanDisk will more than do the trick, and it's even cheaper than normal in the Christmas sales. A bargain.

UK price: £19.99 £14.99 at Amazon

After Christmas sales for gamers - PC & laptops

HP Pavilion (GTX 1650) | $879.99 $777 at Amazon
Looking for an entry-level gaming laptop in the Christmas sales for gamers? This option from HP will allow you to play most games at medium settings with no trouble, so it's a bargain.
Features: Intel Core i5-9300H, GTX 1650, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD, 15.6-inch Full HD screen

Razer Basilisk Ultimate | $149.99 $89.99 at Best Buy
Save $60 - The Basilisk Ultimate isn't necessarily the newest mouse in Razer's stable, but it's definitely one of the better options on offer. This is one of the lower prices seen on the premium pointer, so don't miss it in the Christmas sales for gamers.

UK deal: £84.73 at Amazon

Razer Cynosa | $60 $34.99 at Amazon
Save $25 - The Razer Cynosa has hit the lowest ever price today, positioning this model as one of the more competitive budget decks from a big name brand. 

Razer Huntsman Elite | $200 $129.99 at Amazon
Save $70 - Simply put, the Razer Huntsman Elite gaming keyboard has never been cheaper than this. If you've been after a high-end optical-mechanical deck, they don't come much better than this. 

After Christmas sales for gamers - board games & tabletop RPGs

Gloomhaven | $139.99 $118.99 at Amazon
Save $21 - Few games have created as much buzz as this one over the past few years, so being able to get even a small amount off in time for the Christmas sales isn't an opportunity to be missed.

UK deal: £149.99 £102.06 at Amazon

Pandemic | $44.99 $29.99 at Amazon
Save $15 - It may seem a little on the nose these days, but Pandemic remains one of the top board games out there right now thanks to fantastic co-op gameplay that emphasizes teamwork. It's a must-have.

UK deal: £33.32 £21.96 at Amazon

Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set | $19.99 $11.29 at Amazon
Ever fancied diving into Dungeons & Dragons? The Starter Set has seen a massive reduction for the Christmas sales, and this is almost its lowest ever price. Because it comes packed with pre-made player sheets and a ready-made adventure for you to run, it has everything needed to go on your first adventure.

UK price: £19.99 £16.99 at Amazon

Dungeons & Dragons Essentials Kit | $24.99 $13.16 at Amazon
Save 47% - If you're hoping to take on your second D&D adventure or are looking for something a little less prescriptive than the Starter Set, the Essentials Kit is a great choice. Its storyline is much more flexible, and characters can tackle quests in whatever order they want.

UK deal: £24.99 £20 at Amazon

After Christmas sales: FAQ

When will Christmas sales begin?

Look out, folks - the Christmas sales have already started. Holiday discounts are already well under way, and most retailers are getting in on the action right now. While better offers might appear in the immediate runup to Xmas, the current slate of deals are pretty good anyway.

In all likelihood, these will then be rebranded as Boxing Day sales for gamers  once Christmas itself is out of the way. That'll be your last chance to save some cash ahead of the New Year. 

Should you wait for Boxing Day or January sales instead?

While there are going to be some head-turning reductions in this year's Boxing Day sales and in January, they probably won't be much better than the current Christmas sales (in most cases, they're actually the same offers with a new banner pasted over the top). If you see something you like now, don't hesitate to pick it up as a result.

When do the after Christmas sales end?

Much like other traditional sales periods, the after Christmas sales don't really end - in a way. They just morph into the January sales with retailers keen to extend the value-busting opportunities for folk and to keep shifting items and products. While it seems a bit relentless, it does mean that there's an extensive sales period after Christmas, and so our chances for picking up bargains continue for a while as we head into the new year.

Want more discounts? Be sure to check in with our best Xbox gifts guide and this best PS5 gifts roundup.

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