Anthem Ember guide - where to find Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Masterwork Ember locations in Anthem


Anthem Ember is the core material behind most of what you'll craft in Anthem. You're introduced to Ember very early on, when you're still learning about all of the people in Fort Tarsis. In the marketplace is Prospero who wants you to go out into the Bastion in search of Ember, but it can be confusing to understand where and how to find Ember in Anthem at first. If you're struggling to find Ember, we've got everything you need to find some Anthem Ember locations.

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What is Ember in Anthem?

Ember in Anthem

Before you find Ember, you'll need to know what it's for. Ember is essentially used for crafting in the Forge, which you're introduced to shortly before you meet Prospero. It's almost like a currency, in that you'll require Ember to craft pretty much anything.

Where to find Ember locations in Anthem?

Where to find Ember in Anthem

To find Ember, it's a little different to just saying "go here and here". Early on, your best source of Ember will be from various resource nodes around Bastion. Head over and harvest them, for a chance to receive some Ember. Later down the line, you can also get a considerable amount of Ember from scrapping weapons and tools you don't want, but at the early stage when Prospero requires some, you won't have much of that.

There's also a series of world events that happen in Bastion. Much like the public events in Destiny 2, if you go to a world event in Anthem and complete it, you'll receive some Ember as a reward, alongside other goodies. This takes longer than just harvesting it though so if you're at the stage with Prospero, just hunt down a few resource nodes.

Eventually as you level up, there will be higher rarities of Ember to scavenge which is required for the high-level gear. Defeating higher level enemies will start to yield Rare Ember which as you'd expect, does much more than standard Ember. You can even obtain Epic and Masterwork Ember when you reach the end of the game and start completing endgame content.

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