An official 64GB Nintendo Switch Micro SD card is just $17.49 in the Amazon Prime Day US sale (and 128GB is $34.99)


If you have a Nintendo Switch, you'll need a Micro SD card. That's just a fact of life. Grass is green, the sea is wet, the Nintendo Switch's onboard memory is so small that at some point you'll need a Micro SD card. That's how it works. With the best Nintendo Switch games being oh so damn good, and so many upcoming Nintendo Switch games already on the way, if you haven't already upgraded, you'll want to do so soon. And there's never been a better time. 

Get an official 64GB Nintendo Switch Micro SD card at 59% off: A big chunk of storage for a tiny price, at $17.49View Deal

Get an official 128GB Nintendo Switch Micro SD card at 63% off: A massive amount of memory, at an equally massive discount, selling for just $34.99View Deal

Among a great many other Amazon Prime Day game deals, there's now a massive discount on the official, Nintendo-branded Micro SD cards from SanDisk, with major price cuts on both the 64GB and 128GB models. For reference, that's enough space to store 11 or 22 Super Mario Odysseys, respectively. It's a healthy chunk of memory, and now the 64GB card has 59% off, with the 128 GB version getting an even bigger, 63% discount. 

What that breaks down to in concrete terms is that you can triple your Switch's out-of-the-box memory for a ludicrously low $17.49, or get five times the storage space for just $34.99. That's about as good a deal as you're likely to get for these cards, which, with their official status and Link and Mario branding, always run at a higher price than the others in our list of the best and cheapest Micro SD cards for Nintendo Switch. And if you've yet to pick up a Nintendo Switch, and are checking out this page in order to get ahead with everything you'll need? Check out our list of the best Nintendo Switch deals for Amazon Prime Day. You might well just be able to pick yourself up a bargain on the console as well.