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A Valheim player is making incredibly professional commercials for their in-game farm

(Image credit: TheNarrator11 (Reddit))

One creative Valheim player is spreading the word of their bountiful, but rather dubiously sourced farm produce with incredibly well-made commercials in the vein of classic TV commercials.

If you've spent any amount of time in front of a TV with basic cable, you know exactly the style of commercial being parodied here (this Hillshire Farms ad immediately came to mind). The creator, fittingly named TheNarrator11 on Reddit, told me that actor Sam Elliott's "southern grit" inspired the narration, and honestly I'd be looking for impersonator work if I were them.

My endgame of Valheim is just making commercials. Here's one for turnips from r/valheim

So far we've got two wonderful little commercials for "Homestead Farms" produce, and TheNarrator11 says another's on the way soon. One of the commercials is for the farm's miraculously duplicating turnips, and the other is a hilarious ad for its sausages, which may or may not be made from Draugr guts.

Valheim Commercial - Homestead Farms : Sausages from r/valheim

"In the game you need to use entrails from the draugrs to make sausage links, and I thought 'how would a company convey they use them but not ACTUALLY say it'—so I released the sausage episode today and it got fun responses too," TheNarrator11 says.

I'm told it takes about an hour-and-a-half to make each commercial, but TheNarrator11 seems to be pumping 'em out at a steady clip. Here's a preview of the next one in line, which will focus on HomeStead Farms' barley and bread. I don't even want to think about what was used as a milk substitute.

It might take some time to compete with Homestead Farms here, but these essential Valheim tips can give you a good headstart.

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