Assassin's Creed Odyssey Sphinx: Location and riddles

You're here for the Assassin's Creed Odyssey Sphinx puzzle solutions. That's understandable. When you're charging across ancient Greece having adventures, a large feathery lady getting in your way until you answer some questions can kill the momentum. 

The Assassin's Creed Odyssey Sphinx isn't the only mythical beast in Assassin's Creed Odyssey, but the rest are boss fights. This is the the only one where you stop to have a chat and if you want to cheat a little and get things moving again quickly we can help. If you've not actually met her yet then go to the Southern Banks of Lake Kopais in Boeotia, get ready for some questions . Then read on to see our full Assassin's Creed Odyssey Sphinx guide and make sure you get all the answers right. 

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How to find the Assassin's Creed Odyssey Sphinx

The only slightly odd thing about finding the Sphinx is that there isn't a sidequest to follow, you basically have to discover it. Once you've discovered Atlantis and spoken to your real dad, he'll give you a quest called Lore of the Sphinx, locked at Level 35, and also half a medallion. Once you're ready, head to the Strange Ruins, which are in the Southern Part of Lake Kopais, Boeotia. They're pretty visible because of the incredibly angular Isu architecture and the rather large Sphinx statue in the centre.

 Speak to Gorgias, the man who's also lurking in the mist, and he will help you find the missing piece of the medallion. His apprentice Pibos was looking for it, and he was last seen over at the Tomb of Menoikeus, which is in the northeast of the Scorched Rolling Plains. 

Head over there and you'll find Pibos' body and a very dead cow. Turns out that the 'creature' that killed Pibos probably also ate the medallion, so off you go to defeat the Alpha lion who resides there - or hopefully like for me it'll already be dead - and it'll drop the other half of the Sphinx Medallion. 

Head back to the Strange Ruins to place the Sphinx Medallion in the statue, but you'll only find both Gorgias and the statue have disappeared. 

How to beat the Assassin's Creed Odyssey Sphinx

It's now that the Sphinx will appear in her true form, and rather than preparing yourself for a huge battle, actually beating the Sphinx only requires answering three riddles correctly to satisfy the Sphinx's quest for entertainment.  

We were asked the following riddles, to which we gave the bold answer out of the possible three:

Question: At night they come without being fetched, and by day they are lost without being stolen.
Answer: The Sun. The Moon. The Stars.

Question: As small as your thumb, I am light in the air, you may hear me before you see me, but trust that I'm there.
Answer: A hummingbird. A mosquito. A bumblebee. 

Question: What can run but never walk, has a mouth but never talks, has a head but never weeps, has a bed but never sleeps?
Answer: A chariot. A child. A river.

You then have to press the panels on the pillars surrounding the Sphinx that correspond to the correct answers to the riddles you were asked. And don't panic if your answer doesn't pop up, just pick one of the other options and that *should* work. Our bumblebee wasn't a panel for example, but the hummingbird was, while another player provided a correct answer to a riddle about jellyfish, but only found a fish panel available. This is a bit of a guessing game. The Sphinx is a minx. Head back to the Sphinx when you've made your choice.

Make the correct choice and the Sphinx dies, but make the wrong one and you do. Thankfully we made the right choices first time, and nabbed the hidden Piece of Eden masquerading as a golden feather. 

For defeating her, you get a Legendary Sphinx figurehead for your ship, and the Epic Heavy Blunt Mace of the Sphinx. 

All Assassin's Creed Odyssey Sphinx riddles and correct answers

Question: What can bring back the dead; make you cry, make you laugh, make you young; is born in an instant, yet lasts a lifetime?
Answer: Memories

Question: This thing all things devour: birds, beasts, trees, flowers; gnaws iron, bites steel; grinds hard stones to meal; slays kings, ruins towns; and beats high mountains down.
Answer: Time

Question: Some try to hide, some try to cheat; but time will show, we always will meet. Try as you might to guess my name; I promise you'll know, when you I do claim.
Answer: Death

Question:  As small as your thumb, I am light in the air. You may hear me before you see me, but trust that I'm there.
Answer: Hummingbird

Question: I'm alive, but without breath; I'm as cold in life as in death; I'm never thirsty, though I always drink.
Answer: Fish

Question: I create my lair with earthen string, and dispatch my prey with a biting sting.
Answer: Spider

Question: What is always old and sometimes new; never sad, sometimes blue; never empty, but sometimes full; never pushes, always pulls?
Answer: Moon

Question: Never resting, never still; moving silently from hill to hill; it does not walk, run or trot; all is cool where it is not.
Answer: Sun

Question: At night they come without being fetched, and by day they are lost without being stolen.
Answer: Stars

Question: In spring I am gay in handsome array; in summer more clothing I wear; when colder it grows, I fling off my clothes; and in winter quite naked appear.
Answer: Tree

Question: What is large, yet never grows; has roots that cannot be seen; and taller than trees?
Answer: Mountain

Question: What can run, but never walks; has a mouth, but never talks; has a head, but never weeps; has a bed, but never sleeps?
Answer: River

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