Assassin's Creed Odyssey Ancient Tablet locations: Where to find this precious ship upgrade resource


Your ship is basically your moveable base in Assassin's Creed Odyssey, but it's also a certified weapon of destruction, capable of ramming other sea vessels so hard you can literally cleave them in two. But the great thing is that you can upgrade the various element of your ship, the Adrestia, from the arrows and spears, to the hull and ramming speed, but you'll need plenty of resources in order to do that. Some of the necessary items like stone, wood and metal are fairly easy to find in the world, or by dismantling weapons, but it's the Assassin's Creed Odyssey Ancient Tablets that are a little trickier to find. 

But don't fret, there are a few ways that you can find Ancient Tablets a little more easily, but I'll warn you, it will require quite a bit of travelling as they're hidden away in the various Forts, and other locations across the Assassin's Creed Odyssey map. 

Here are the locations for all XX Assassin's Creed Odyssey Ancient Tablet bundles, because thankfully you get four per stash. Sweet! Super duper Adrestia here we come. 


1) Odysseus's Palace - Ithaka


1) Prometheus and the Birth of Humankind - Sacred Lands of Apollo

2) Snake Temple - Valley of the Snake

3) Tomb of Tityos - Valley of the Snake

4) Solitude Tower - Grand Mount Parnassos (right on the border of Lake Kopais)


1) Temple of Athena Itonia - Mount Helikon

2) Tower of Askre - Reborn Hills


1) Burned Temple of Hera - Phaleron Sandy Bay

2) Ruined Sanctuary of Ajax - Isle of Salamis


1) Pillar of Dionysos - Kithairon Foothills 

2) Ruined Temple of Apollo - Occupied Forest of Tripodiskos

3) Zues Ephesos - Valley of King Lelex


1) Altar of the Cyclops - Isthmus of Poseidon

2) Ruined Temple of Zeus - Kraneion Plains

3) Ruined Temple of Apollo - Valley of the Pegasos

4) Kephisos's Sanctuary Ruins - Valley of Judgement


1) Ruins of Helike - Poseidon's Wrath


1) Spring of Piera - Forgotten Swamps

2) Dyspontion Ruins - Forgotten Swamps


1) Origins of the Karyatids - Lykosoura Highlands


1) Mycenae - Palace of Agamemnon

2) Palace of Hippomedon - Wetlands of the Hydra

3) Asine Ruins - Mount Koryphum

4) Club of Herakles - Valley of Dreams


1) Burned Temple of Apollo - Forest of Eurotas


1) Palace of Aphareus - Exile Hills

Kythera Island

1) Diakofti Ruins - Pilgrim Hill

2) Mycenaean Ruins - Skandeia Bay


1) Lost Minoan Shrine - Zeus's Playground

2) Phaistos Village - Fertile Battlegrounds


1) Zakros - Dikte Plateau


1) Deathbed of Ariadne - Maenad's Hills


1) Anavatos Ruin - Hunted Forest of Artemis

2) Ruined Temple of Athena Poliouchos - Forest of Tears


1) Temple of Kybele - Vineyard Canyon 

2) Ancient Sanctuary of Zeus - Vineyard Canyon 

3) Ruined Sanctuary - Ancient Pearl

4) Temple Ruins - Lover's Bay

5) Lost Shrine of Poseidon - Lover's Bay


1) Xerxes's Sacrifice of the Nine - Unexplored Mount Pangeon


1) Seaside Altar - Mount Dirfi

2) Apollo Temple - Forgotten Ruins of Makris

3) Altar of Poseidon - Mount Ochi