Apex Legends patch notes: Audio bugs, item sorting and decreased accuracy all fixed


UPDATE June 12: Respawn has rolled out a very minor patch featuring a number of small bug fixes and quality of life improvements, such as audio bugs with Octane's jump pad and items sorting incorrectly in death boxes. There's not a lot to write home about, but if you want to know why your Apex Legends has updated again, here are the latest Apex Legends patch notes straight from the official Reddit post:

6.11.2019 PATCH NOTES

ORIGINAL STORY May 18: The latest Apex Legends patch notes aren't the kind of flashy buff-and-nerf fest that gets tongues wagging, but they are the kind with long-awaited fixes that should make just about everybody's experience more enjoyable. First up are some quick changes that we expected, like a fix for the Lifeline banner bug that was crashing the PS4 version or the tearful end to stacking items on Gibraltar's shield. Then there are fixes that alter a more substantial part of the game - I've picked out three of the biggest ones and run down how they'll impact you below.

Audio fixes for the sounds that matter most

Apex Legends has some great music and sound effects, but the way they're presented and perform in the game has been dicey since launch: everything leading up to a match is too loud, enemy footsteps are too quiet, and the victory fanfare music just doesn't have the booming boisterousness you'd expect to celebrate your accomplishment, for a few examples. The latest Apex Legends patch notes confirm that Respawn Entertainment has given some love to all those issues and more. You should enjoy more consistent volume levels across the game that give you a better idea of where enemies are as well as how much ammo you have left in the magazine (not clip) across all weapons. And there's a nice little volume boost for the victory music.

Hit detection gets some tweaks and groundwork for more

Few things are more fundamental to a shooter than hitting your targets when you should actually hit your targets. No online game with players connecting to servers from all over the world with all kinds of internet connections is ever going to feel perfect, but Apex Legends has made a few changes to improve hit registration right now and set up more fixes in the future. This patch both fixes some known problems with hit registrations and adds more metrics for players and developers: you'll notice your connection status indicator is more reactive now, and Respawn Entertainment will have more backend data to work with as it locks down issues.

The big boys finally get their Fortified fix

More than a month after Gibraltar and Caustic got a new passive perk to make them take less damage (on account of them being big ol' bullet catchers), it's finally working as intended. The Fortified perk now flatly reduces all damage by 10% instead of also letting a small amount of shield damage funnel down into health damage. The old glitched implementation was more weird and annoying than actively harmful (it was a very small amount of damage) but it's good that the issue's finally been resolved.

You can read the full patch notes from Respawn Entertainment on Reddit

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